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Tonia Yiu is an illustrator and motion designer from Hong Kong. She is passionate about telling stories that brings warmth and joy through her work.

Tonia primarily uses digital tools for her art. Inspired by her childhood in Hong Kong, her work is playful and whimsical, creating a lighthearted atmosphere with vibrant colors.​​​​​​​​​​​​ She is passionate about the children's publishing market and hopes to create her own picture book one day. She also creates motion graphics that transforms her illustrations into fun animations.

When she has spare time, she enjoys spending it with her loved ones and cooking food that reminds her of home.



adobe-certified-professional-in-visual-design (1).png
adobe-certified-professional-in-graphic-design-illustration-using-adobe-illustrator (2).pn
adobe-certified-professional-in-visual-design-using-adobe-photoshop (1).png

Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design (Photoshop and Illustrator)

Awards and Exhibitions

2020 SCAD Drawing Works, Best in Show


2019 Fine Art Asia, The Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize Judges' Winner (University category)


2019 SCAD stART Foundations Exhibition, First Place in Design and Honorable Mention in Drawing


​2018 APEX Alumni Show. PMQ Hong Kong

2018 APEX Visual Arts Graduation Show, HKBU Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery

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