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Childhood Week 2021

I participated in the Childhood Week event in July 2021. I created 7 illustrations based on the given prompts. They were all inspired by my childhood experiences.

Day 1 - Song

I remember when I was young, my mom would sing in the car and make me feel so embarrassed!


Day 2 - Map

I travelled to Japan with friends when I graduated from high school. It was such a fun time! I was always the one looking at the map while my friends followed along.


Day 3 - Grounded

I didn't really have any experience being grounded as a kid, but there was one time in elementary school where I was told to stand in front of the class during lunchtime as a punishment.


Day 4 - Trade

I had a sticker phase in my childhood. I was obsessed with collecting stickers and trading them with one of my friends who also loved stickers.


Day 5 - Splash

Haven't been the biggest fan of hot summers since I was young.


Day 6 - Paper

I loved playing with origami when I was a kid! But my little brother wasn't very impressed.


Day 7 - Space

Some of my favorite plushies in little spacesuits!

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